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Not to be confused with Les Tremayne.

Elizabeth "Liz" Tremayne was a journalist and a well known host of a TV tabloid news program called In-Depth Magazine.

Tremayne investigated the deaths of Alec and Linda Holland, and eventually finding evidences that the Sunderland Corporation arranged the scientists' deaths. Her evidences were tied to reports of a swamp creature roaming Louisiana. Eventually, Liz detailed her findings in her book, Swamp-Man: Fact or Myth?, which most people rejected as tabloid sensationalism.

Liz with Associate Producer Paul Feldner investigated a series of child murders in Pineboro, Arkansas, committed by the Pineboro Child-Stalker. She and Paul covered the trial of the killer, former children television actor Barnard Stryker. However, Stryker's murder spree was assisted by a demon he had summoned in which it then possessed Paul and hunts down the child Karen "Casey" Clancy as its next victim. This led to the demon-possessed Paul into a confrontation with the Swamp Thing, who offered his body to the demon as its host and deliberately locked himself inside a freezer in a slaughterhouse, in which the extreme cold killed the demon. Liz found the site of the battle with a dazed Paul and arranged for a severely weakened Swamp Thing to be sent to the Barclay Clinic in South Dakota run by Sunderland Corp.[1] Liz was later shocked to learn from her fellow Sutherland employee Dr. Dennis Barclay, a gifted psychic healer, that the Swamp Thing she had been hunting was Alec Holland. Together, Liz and Dennis helped Swamp Thing in escaping from Sunderland Corp.[2]

Events developed as to make the duo ally themselves with Helmut Kriptmann, also known as Harry Kay, and his paranormal team who hoped to contain or destroy the demonic force possessing Karen Clancy. It was a costly conflict which led to the entity leaving the defeated Clancy' body and briefly possessing Liz Tremayne herself.[3]

Liz along with Barclay later went into hiding following an attack by Sunderland Corp - in which she and Barclay believed Swamp Thing and their allies Matt Cable and Abby Arcane were killed.[4] Years later, Liz became a paranoid and traumatized wreck from living off from Barclay, who became abusive and psychotic. After learning that Swamp Thing and Abby Arcane were alive and well, Liz reunited with the latter in Houma, Louisiana. However, she and Abby were then chased by a unhinged Barclay to the nearby swamps, where Barclay met his end from being devoured by alligators.[5] Soon after, Liz was befriended by Chester Williams, who helped her recover from her psychologically shattered state. Liz subsequently fell in love with Chester and moved to his home in Houma.

After a few years, Liz was largely emotionally healed. She eventually decided to leave Lousiana and start a new life in Oregon, mainly because she had developed a new love interest in a woman named Barb that was moving there. Chester took the news hard, but she departed in good terms with him, Abby and Swamp Thing.[6][7]

Liz was seen once again since, when Abby and Chester contacted her in a desesperate attempt to try and reach Swamp Thing at a time when he was particularly distant from humanity.[8][9][10]


Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Liz suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder due to Sunderland's attempts on her life and Dennis's domestic abuse, though she learned to cope with it through support from Abby and Chester.

  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.



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