Ella Lane was the wife of Sam Lane and the mother of Lois and Lucy.

Having been a smoker for much of her life, Ella was diagnosed with lung cancer[2] and passed away in 1996. Before her death, she recorded a series of VHS tapes for her daughters.[3]

  • Different dates were given for Ella's death throughout the series.
    • In "Gone", Ella is said to have passed away 15 years ago (1989).[2]
    • In "Crossfire", Lois claims that her mother was alive at the night of her prom,[4] in 2004.[5]
    • In "Abandoned", Ella is said to have died when Lois was ten years old.[3] With Lois being 18 in 2004,[5] this would place Ella's death in 1996.



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