Ellen Collins was a mentally disturbed woman who wanted to murder her son, the Enigma.

Ellen was once a normal woman who, at a young age, had married a man named Jimmy Collins. The two moved to a farmhouse in Arizona and before they could be married, Ellen found herself pregnant with Jimmy's child. She realized now that all of her dreams of a rich, exciting life were gone and she was now resigned to living out her days on a stretch of farmland.

Ellen's son was born with tremendous psychokinetic abilities. In addition, he also possessed the ability to transmutate flesh. Through incidental contact, the child used this power to accidentally mutilate Jimmy Collins' face.

This incident drove Ellen insane and she tried to murder her son by pitching him into a dry well on the ranch. Jimmy ran after her in an effort to stop her, but Ellen shot him in the face with a shotgun.

Ellen spent the next twenty-five years locked away in a sanitarium. In 1993, she discovered that her son had in fact survived being dropped into a well and was now using his powers to cloak himself within the façade of the Enigma. As her son's power grew, Ellen found that she could tap into it, and by doing so, give herself tremendous strength and power. This had an averse effect on Ellen's physiology and she mutated into a horrific, monstrous creature.

Ellen Collins broke free of the sanitarium and went out to find her son so she could finish the job she started twenty-five years ago. Along her journey, she viciously murdered a former super-powered entity known Envelope Girl.

Ellen faced her son and his two friends, Michael Smith and Titus Bird on the outskirts of Pacific City. Whether Ellen succeeded in murdering her son has never been revealed.


  • Claws: Ellen's fingernails have been transformed into a set of exceptionally long claws.




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