Ellen is the wife of Buddy Baker, also known as Animal-Man. As a superhero's wife, she is usually involved in her husband's adventures, although she has anxiety for a normal life. She has two children, Cliff and Maxine

The Hunt

She's making dinner when on the TV news a man holding children hostage in the children's wing, so she lets Buddy go to intercede. When she wakes up in the middle of the night seeing that her daughter had risen in the middle of the night and used hitherto unknown powers to revive the corpses of the dead animals of the neighborhood.[1] Then Buddy's body was suddenly covered with a pattern of veins, a Map for Red where Maxine can read and say that they must go to the Old Tree to get into the Red. Then a neighbor appears hurting his son Cliff who had gone to cover the pits of the dead animals, so Maxine turns his hand into a chicken leg, after Ellen intervenes Maxine restores the hand of Mr. Duffy, after that he calls them monsters And who will call the police. So to understand what's happening Buddy will follow the Map on his body along with Maxine, while elsewhere, the Hunters Three appear to begin searching for the Avatar of the Red.[2]

While Buddy and Maxine are in the Red, Ellen is attacked by one of the Hunters Three in its house, but thanks to the animals revived by Maxine she and her son manage to escape and call to the Detective Krenshaw, helps to help it.[3]When Detective Krenshaw arrives where Ellen and Cliff meet they begin to take them to Sacramento, where Ellen's mother, Mary, has a farm. After arriving when she talks to her mother she sees that Cliff is no longer in the car nor Detective Krenshaw, when she hears Cliff's screams she runs to rescue him with a gun, when one of the Hunters Three arrives there is eating the Detective Krenshaw.[4]

Buddy when he arrives with Maxine on the farm he leaves Maxine in the care of his grandmother and goes to meet Ellen and Cliff, who were still under attack. After Buddy saved them, he was overwhelmed by the enemy and needed the help of Maxine, where she sent the animals from the forest to help him, but by consuming the Hunter, they were infected by the Rot, and thus the Rot began to Spread all over the world. An alliance with the Swamp Thing is their only hope.[5] So the Bakers, Mary and Socks the Cat talk and try to find Alec Holland to face The Rot together.[6]



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