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Ellen Yin is a detective with the Gotham City Police Department.

Previously head of her department in Metropolis, Yin transferred to Gotham looking for new challenges. She had a difficult relationship with Batman in both his crime-fighting persona and his alter-ego, Bruce Wayne. She is sworn to bring the former to justice, and dismisses the latter as a spoiled, arrogant playboy.

When her partner Ethan Bennett is transformed into Clayface, Yin loses one of her best friends in the city. Before she and Batman part ways when they fight Clayface, The Batman handed her a commlink, telling her to call him whenever she needed. Keeping the commlink, Yin calls Batman her new "partner" during a coffee shop meeting with Ethan's best friend, Bruce Wayne.

She later played a part in bringing in the Riddler. This was eventually discovered by Chief Angel Rojas and she is arrested and suspended, losing her badge. Rojas uses her as bait in a trap to impress the newly appointed Commissioner Jim Gordon. Batman helps her escape and they take down the Riddler along with the Penguin and the Joker. Gordon later orders Rojas to release and reinstate her. In "Artifacts", it is hinted that Yin becomes the new Commissioner of Gotham City Police Department in the year 2027.


  • The character of "Ellen Yin" is a clear nod to Ellen Yindel, Police Commissioner of Gotham City in Frank Miller's classic "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns."
  • Ellen Yin's character design bears a certain resemblance to the character design of Elisa Maza, who was also a detective and a supporting character on the Gargoyles tv series.



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