Quote1.png W-wow! The Super Friends? In my house? I'm your number one fan! Quote2.png
Ellie Tavares src

Ellie Tavares was born with a brain deficiency; her brain is unable to communicate with her legs, rendering her paralyzed.

As she grew up, she idolized the Super Friends and followed their every adventures. One Christmas, she asked her heroes to give her the ability to walk. They were so taken back by her request that they had to visit her personally. While they couldn't fulfill her request, they did give her a tour of the Super Friends Satellite. When an intruder broke into the satellite, Ellie was left alone in the trophy room. She was eventually confronted by the intruder, whom she recognized as Amos Fortune. Using Kanjar Ro's equipment, Ellie is able to incapacitate him.[1]




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