This Wrath, which Batman is convinced is a copycat from his first appearance, begins murdering police officers visiting Gotham for a convention and breaks in to Grayle Hudson's apartment. After a fight with Batman, during which he confirms he's not the original Wrath, he tells the Dark Knight to investigate Commissioner Gordon's actions on June 26 twenty five years ago—the same night Bruce Wayne's parents died.

Gordon's reports for that night have been wiped clean, but the Wrath informs Batman that on that night Gordon killed the original Wrath's parents, his father being a police officer, while they were robbing a stereo warehouse with him as a lookout. In order to cover up the criminal activity of the officer Gordon was shipped to Chicago and the orphaned boy was sent to an orphanage never to be adopted. Growing to hate cops, he became a hitman in hopes of "avenging his parents again and again".

In his work he studied Batman, thinking they were kindred spirits, and began training his own "Robin", which went on to become the new Wrath. His real name was revealed to be Elliot Caldwell, an orphan whom the Wrath trained to be his answer to Batman's Robin. Elliot was one of five orphans who the original Wrath kidnapped and trained, but Elliot was the only one who survived the training. He was stopped by Batman and Nightwing and sent to Blackgate Penitentiary.



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