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Quote1 Let me explain how it works in Gotham City. You want to know how the Joker became the Joker? He interrupted a broadcast to announce Henry Claridge, the diamond magnate, would die at the stroke of midnight. Then he did. witha huge grin on his face. That's how you get ahead in this world. Not with patience or kindness or words...but with wrath. Quote2
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Elliot Caldwell is Wrath, a twisted mirror image of Batman.


When Elliot Caldwell was young his father was gunned down by a corrupt G.C.P.D. officer. He swore vengeance for his father's death and became Wrath. Wrath then managed to build up a multi-billion dollar weapons company called Caldwell Technologies.

At some point, he fathered David Caldwell, but was largely absent in his son's life.


Wrath returned to Gotham and began killing G.C.P.D. officers with the help of a criminal named Clyde Anderson A.K.A Scorn. However, Wrath felt that Scorn was incompetent and pushed him off his plane above Gotham. Batman discovered the body and realized that there was a connection between him and the cop killings. He then discovered Elliot's past and his true motives, to kill the entire G.C.P.D. in revenge. He used Alfred to infiltrate Wraths secret base, but Alfred was caught and Wrath revealed that he had given vests to the cops, which would fry all the cops and kill the entire police force. Wrath activated them and killed some cops before bombing the headquarters. He was then confronted by an armored Batman, who would proceed to defeat him. Caldwell was arrested and removed from being the head of his company.

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