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Eloisa Lane, also known as Lois Lane, was a Cuban American newspaper girl from Metropolis.

Year Two (1941)

Lois Lane is rescued by the Batgirls and joins their team in taking down Strange, Cobblepot, Killer Frost, and Harvey Dent and their control over Gotham City. She finds an opportunity to kill Strange, but stops herself at the last minute, giving Strange his chance.

Year Three (1942)

While flying over Russia, Killer Frost escapes the plane and skis through the Forest of Teberda, but not before sabotaging the plane which sends Lois and Andrea crashing into the middle of the woods. Lois wakes up to find Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Raven tending to her. After hearing her story, Raven reveals that she also has a grudge with Killer Frost and offers to help Lois get her vengeance. Raven teleports the group to St. Petersburg and puts a spell on all of them so that their enemies can't find them.




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