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"Europe '92 (Part III of IV) - From Bad to Wurst!": The Flash (Wally West) has arrived in Rome to give the Elongated Man a hand. As he assists Ralph in beating down Copperhead, Il Calamari and [[Emil LaSalle (N

Quote1.png Blast that woman! I brought her here because I thought she was the brains behind the Elongated Man. That with them separated he could do me no harm. Quote2.png

Elongated Man #3 is an issue of the series Elongated Man (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1992.

Synopsis for "Europe '92 (Part III of IV) - From Bad to Wurst!"

The Flash (Wally West) has arrived in Rome to give the Elongated Man a hand. As he assists Ralph in beating down Copperhead, Il Calamari and Warp, he explains that Sue called him from Modora and told him that Ralph might need some backup. Ralph explains his present situation, including his dislike of Archduke Bito Wladon. Flash is almost certain however that Bito is not the true Sonar, claiming that Sonar is currently residing in an American prison. After the fight is finished, Flash tells Ralph that he has to leave and races off back towards the U.S.

In Modora, Bito continues to court Sue Dibny, but the frustrated amateur sleuth grows more and more wary of the Archduke's advances. Suspecting that Sue is learning too much of his true motivations, Bito arranges to keep her secured within his castle.

Sue manages to escape confinement however and explores the Mordoran countryside. She discovers that the natives are terrified of saying anything other than the words "Goot Mornink" and learns that Archduke Bito monitors the entire country with advanced sound systems. It is only now that Sue begins to realize that her life may be in danger.

Elsewhere, the Elongated Man leaves Rome for Berlin to attend the next leg of the Europe '92 tour. He finds the same group of delegates that he met in France including Bradford Smolz and the vivacious Trampolina. Suddenly, a squad of German terrorists known as the Wurstwaffe burst into the conference hall. As they attack the guests, the Elongated Man (with his back turned away from the action) wonders if Sue is okay.

Appearing in "Europe '92 (Part III of IV) - From Bad to Wurst!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Bradford Smolz (Final appearance)
  • Einfahrt Freinhalten (Final appearance)
  • Merlot Bordeaux (Final appearance)
  • Szandor
  • Trampolina (Final appearance)





  • This issue is peppered with off-color cultural jokes and sexual double entendres.
  • This issue features the first appearance of the Wurstwaffe, although none of the individual team members are named until next issue.
  • The Flash appears next in The Flash (Volume 2) #61.


  • Several unique international villains are referenced but never seen, including: Toad-in-the-Hole, Lutefusk and Gyro.

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