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"Supergirl & Batgirl": In this reality, Batgirl is the supreme enforcer of all Gotham. Due to her actions and that of the monitoring "Oracle Eye", Gotham has been completely sealed off from normal society. An embargo is in place forbidding any Metahumans from entering the city, unless Ba

Quote1 Pay attention -- you are violating my borders. Leave now and you'll avoid further pain. Quote2

Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of September, 1998.

Synopsis for "Supergirl & Batgirl"

In this reality, Batgirl is the supreme enforcer of all Gotham. Due to her actions and that of the monitoring "Oracle Eye", Gotham has been completely sealed off from normal society. An embargo is in place forbidding any Metahumans from entering the city, unless Batgirl permits it. This evening however, is a special occasion. The Justice Society of America and Supergirl arrive in town to escort billionaire philanthropist, Lex Luthor, to Gotham Arena for a special tribute ceremony. Luthor's contributions to bio-electric solar energy technology has saved countless lives and created an invigorating new job market. After a rousing spectacle, the audience loudly applauds as Lex Luthor takes the stage.

All is not well for Lex Luthor however. A former partner of his, Emil Hamilton, teams up with the Joker and enhances the Joker's physical attributes with a shot of the Venom steroid. Hamilton wants revenge against Lex Luthor for taking all the credit for his discoveries and decides to use the Joker as muscle. The Joker merely wants the opportunity to show off his "new bod" to Batgirl, whom he apparently has a crush on.

After the tribute spectacle, Luthor goes to his limousine and finds the Joker waiting for him. The Joker and Hamilton abduct Luthor and take him to the Gotham Carnival.

News of Lex's abduction immediately hits the wire and the JSA want permission to re-enter Gotham City to investigate the matter. Batgirl prefers to tackle the case on her own. Reluctantly however, she teams up with Supergirl to track Luthor down. Supergirl views Luthor as a great humanitarian, but Batgirl feels that his reputation is more hype than truth.

The Joker and Hamilton relocate Luthor to the penthouse at LexCorp. Batgirl and Supergirl sneak in via the underground tunnel networks. They break into of Luthor's secret laboratories and make a startling discovery. They find the jarred, preserved remains of a dead Kryptonian infant. The label on the jar reads, "Kal-El". This infant was the template used in all of Luthor's bio-electric research. Supergirl now realizes that Luthor is evil. The heroes get to the penthouse and Batgirl has her hands full rebuffing the Joker's amorous advances. A tear-filled Supergirl launches herself at Lex Luthor, admonishing him for betraying her. Luthor tries to keep Supergirl at bay with a Kryptonite Ring, but Batgirl slips it off his finger. The Joker attacks Supergirl, but Supergirl lays him out with one punch. Luthor confesses to using the dead Kryptonian baby and the remains of the rocket that first brought Supergirl to Earth to forge his scientific empire. What Luthor doesn't realize though is that his confession is being fed over a live media broadcast. His reputation in ruins, Luthor is taken away to stand trial. Hamilton finally has what he wanted all along - the truth.

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