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Elysion was a member of Terror Firma, a team that fought the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Elysion, with the rest of the soon-to-come Terror Firma were born in exile on a planet where the United Planets used to dump criminals. Elysion was, together with other superpowered kids there, drafted by Lemnos to a war to shake the U.P. out of inaction. Elysion became the leader of Terror Firma, Lemnos' strike team.

The Terror Firma first encountered the Legion of Super-Heroes on Rimworld 19, where Elysion and his team were defeated and they escaped. However, they managed to trap Brin Londo[1]. Next encounter with the Legion was on the planet Helegyn, were Elysion was trapped. He managed to escape when Lemnos' suicide attackers arrived to the Legion Headquarters[2]. Elysion went on a very destructive rampage through Metropolis, where he crashed the Legion Headquarters, and in the process, killing Dream Girl. His rampage was ended when Brainiac 5 threw a lump of dust on Elysion's forehead. Elysion discovered a little too late that the lump contained Atom Girl, as she was growing out of his shoulder, ripping his arm away in the process[3]. Elysion is currently imprisoned.


  • Ground manipulation: Elysion is able to manipulate ground and earth-based material, of which giant hands of stone is his most common effect.



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