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Ember is an unborn dragon gestating in the form of a human girl, hired by Brother Night and seemingly in a sexual relationship with him.

After killing off much of Night's competition as crime lord through use of her kiss-transferred fire breath alongside Romalthi the Shaper and Teddy's methods, Ember was frozen solid by Zatanna, who fought off Night's minions, enraging Ember.[1]

Some time later, Ember tried to get some profit from a drug dealer named Willie, telling him to work for Brother Night. When he refused, Ember incinerated him with a kiss.[2]

Still angry after her first defeat against Zatanna, Ember wanted to burn alive her crew that had been captured by Brother Night, but Night specified that the ritual they were needed for would require a different method of dispatching. When Zatanna arrived to save them, she and Ember again faced off, with Ember's fire breath stopped by a blast of water in her mouth before she was defeated.[3]


  • Thermal-Blast: As a dragon, Ember can breathe fire. She is capable of incinerating with a kiss or breathing it over a much longer distance.




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