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Emiko Adachi, also known as Emiko Queen, is the daughter of Robert Queen and Kazumi Adachi, as well as the half-sister of Oliver Queen. When Oliver was outed as the vigilante Green Arrow and sentenced to prison, Emiko took up his superhero persona and costume and began fighting crime in Star City under the alias of the "New Green Arrow", while quietly following a mysterious agenda of her own.

Arrival in Star City

Months after Oliver was arrested, the disbanded members of Team Arrow witnessed the arrival of a mysterious copycat Green Arrow, who was targeting criminals and corrupt businessmen chronicled in Robert Queen's list of names. Unbeknownst to them, this was Oliver Queen's long lost sister Emiko Queen.[3] At first the former team was apprehensive about the copycat, intent on having her arrested, but she inadvertently won the trust of Rene Ramirez after rescuing his daughter from an arsonist. The arsonist continued his crime spree, prompting Ramirez to contact the copycat Emiko in a last ditch effort to end it. She temporarily worked with Ramirez and a reluctant Dinah Drake, successfully putting an end to the arson.[4]

Emiko resurfaced when A.R.G.U.S. and the former Team Arrow finally managed to corner the infamous fugitive Ricardo "The Dragon" Diaz. Dragon had the upperhand, beating John Diggle in hand-to-hand combat and aided by the Longbow Hunters. But before he could make his escape, Emiko intervened and fought the Dragon side-by-side with an injured Diggle, incapacitating him. The Dragon was taken into police custody. Dinah Drake and D.A. Laurel Lance managed to cut a deal with the F.B.I. to exchange the Dragon for Oliver Queen's release.[5]

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