Emiko Queen is the successor to her brother, Green Arrow.

Five years after being introduced to her half-brother, Emiko took up the mantle of Green Arrow, and fought crime alongside Dart (Naomi Singh) in Seattle. After a scuffle with the Vertigo Cult, she returned to their base of operations to find said brother, Oliver Queen, bleeding out. Though Oliver refused to explain everything that had happened to him, he said that the entirety of the Queen legacy rested upon Emiko's shoulders now, as he had stumbled on something big, and was not sure if he could survive it. Therefore, in case something did happen to him, he gave Emiko a small green pyramid, told her to ensure that Lois Lane received it, as only she would know what to do with it. Emiko promised, and he took his leave, warning them not to follow, a demand that Emiko, in her arrogance, refused to follow (as he was well aware). Within 24 hours, she had followed him to Prague, at the meeting place of the Outsiders, in time to protect her half-brother from a fight with her mother, Shado. After a brief argument between mother and daughter over the latter's choice to join Team Arrow rather than the Outsiders, Oliver stepped in to stop it, and the remaining Outsiders arrived. Against Emiko's desire, she had to watch as Oliver decided to join the Outsiders so as to protect his identity in an elaborate scheme to fake his own death. Upon its success, Emiko was not forced to join the Outsiders, but Oliver did keep his word as the head of the Arrow Clan, and told her to gather more muscle for his coming battles with Cadmus while he raised a little hell as a "ghost".[1]

To this end, she sought out allies such as John Diggle and Big Barda.[2][3] The latter came with some resistance from Deathstroke and Fifty Sue, while the former was found earlier.[4][5] After reuniting with Diggle, she revealed her goal of getting the pyramid to Lois Lane, but said that the plan had to change, and her new goal was to get to Cadmus Island, kill Deathstroke, and save the other Earth 2 refugees like Barda, even including Mister Miracle, who Barda had seen die.[2]

After their arrival at Starfish Island, Diggle and Emiko revealed the truth: that Oliver Queen was not dead, and that he was raising a secret army to protect the rights of the Earth 2 refugees, as he had been trying to protect publicly before. Among his refugees was Red Arrow, who had been presumed dead. Emiko was present as Oliver welcomed Barda to his army.[6] After the explanations, Emiko joined with Oliver's allies in order to follow the tracking device on Deathstroke back to Cadmus Island in order to find out where it was and rescue the refugees.[7]

Upon arriving at the island, Brother Eye had been turning Earth 2 refugees into O.M.A.C.s. While Barda and Red Arrow were dragged away by Oliver to find an alternative to fighting the controlled heroes, Emiko held the line with the Outsiders, and was horrified when the many O.M.A.C.s combined into one giant O.M.A.C. As a result of their efforts, the majority of the refugees manage to escape.[8]





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