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Emiko "Emi" Queen is the Red Arrow[1], a master bow-wielding vigilante who is the Green Arrow's half-sister and partner, as well as the assassin Shado's daughter.


Emiko was born to Robert Queen and Shado on Starfish Island. However, as a baby, she was kidnapped by her father's protégé-turned-enemy, Simon Lacroix, better known as Komodo. Lacroix would train Emiko for years with the Outsiders' Arrow clan, leading her to believe he was her father.

The Death and Life of Oliver Queen

Together with her older half-brother Oliver, she infiltrated the docks to rescue kidnapped children. Black Canary appeared to help them and Emiko revealed she was a fan of Black Canary. All three then went back to Oliver's and Emiko's apartment where Dinah stayed for the night.

Later that day, Oliver and the assassin Shado, the mother of Emiko, had a fight in Oliver's apartment with Oliver getting the upper hand. Oliver ordered Emiko to get out of the apartment but she instead, to Oliver's surprise, fired an arrow into his back. Emiko told Shado she had been waiting a long time for her mother to arrive.

Together they got onto a boat, took Oliver's body with them, and drove away from the bay of Seattle out on the ocean. When in the middle of nowhere, they threw Oliver's body over the rail, deep down into the ocean. They then traveled to the base built on water called the Inferno, where Shado's masters, the criminal organization called the Ninth Circle operated. After Oliver turned out to be alive, Emiko conducted a plan for the Ninth Circle to capture Dinah, to stop them from going after her mother who had fallen on bad terms with the organization after her failed assassination of Oliver. They lured Dinah to the Inferno where Emiko managed to capture her. When Emiko and Shado were supposed to kill Dinah she instead rescued her revealing that she had been a double agent all the time.

Moments later she met Oliver, who had infiltrated the Inferno, and told him she had been trying to help him all the time. She had slipped a homing beacon into his pocket when she dumped him into the ocean, thus helping Henry Fyff locate Oliver. She had also anonymously contacted John Diggle and had secretly revealed the location of the Inferno to Oliver. Furious over her daughter's betrayal, Shado took Emiko hostage, taking her with her in a helicopter as the Inferno exploded.

Sins of the Mother

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Emerald Outlaw

Emiko returned to Seattle, now going by the name "Red Arrow", and saved Oliver, Black Canary and the Seattle Police Department from Scott Notting and the Vice Squad.

Teen Titans

After Robin offered her to join the team, Emiko agrees to join on the condition that if her team does not convince her she can leave. The team formed by Robin, Kid Flash, Djinn, Roundhouse and Crush had no training, but Emiko saw the potential in them and decided to stay as Robin's right hand.


  • Acrobatics: Emi is an accomplished and skilled acrobat, able to dodge bullets and perform great feats.
  • Archery: Like her mother and brother, Emi is one of the world's greatest archers.[2] Oliver himself has even admitted that Emi is better than him, and can accomplish feats in archery he never could.[3]
  • Deception: Emi was able to successfully deceive the Ninth Circle and fool her brother.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)/Martial Arts: Emi has been trained from birth by a master combatant to become the perfect killing-machine.[4]
  • Investigation
  • Marksmanship
  • Peak Human Condition: Having went through rigorous years of training since birth, Emi is in top condition.
  • Stealth
  • Tactical Analysis: Emi is able to calculate wind, angle, speed and distance during archery and combat.[5]



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