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Emil Hamilton is a scientist with S.T.A.R. Labs.

An overachiever, Emil Hamilton acquired both a medical degree and a degree in quantum physics.[1][2] At some point he married a woman, who later passed away.[3]

Emil worked at Metropolis University, until he was recruited by Oliver Queen, who had decided that they needed a doctor for his team, who could tend to any possible medical problem for the members (which included several metahumans, a couple aliens and a cyborg). Because of this, Emil began working part-time at Metropolis General Hospital.[1] Becoming a part of the group, Emil would frequently help them with medical, scientific and forensics. When Chloe Sullivan tried to set up Watchtower, Emil used his funds from Oliver to install state of the art computer system.[4]

As part of the group, Emil began enjoying himself for the first time since his wife died, he even began developing a relationship with fellow member, Tess Mercer.[3] It was interrupted by the apparent death of Tess.[5] Following the event known as "Contact", Emil was put in charge of S.T.A.R. Labs, which was tasked with helping the Watchtower Network with the construction of an outpost on the Moon.[6]

Months later, Emil was unexpectedly reunited with Tess, who was revealed to still be alive, inside the brain of her half-brother. Tess was extracted from Lex's brain and Emil uploaded her consciousness to the Watchtower computer system.[7] Because of an earlier incident with Hank Henshaw, who had been in the same situation as Tess, Emil began acting as her psychiatrist.[8] After Tess downloaded herself into an android body, the two began going on dates. As her activities with the new Justice League required her to spend time on the new Lunar outpost, Emil decided to get himself certified in space travel. Allowing him to visit her there.[9]




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