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Quote1 You know, they say the gods created us, but we're the ones who always wind up burying them... Waller sends her regards. Quote2
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Agent Emilia Harcourt is a cool-headed and sardonic A.R.G.U.S. agent who works directly under Amanda Waller. She acted as support for the Suicide Squad and the leader of Project Butterfly.

Early Life

Raised by a tough but fair father who trained her to be an incredible soldier, Emilia Harcourt was an A.R.G.U.S. agent recruited by Amanda Waller as part of the support team for the Suicide Squad, a black-ops team of incarcerated supervillains doing government work for shortened sentences. She possessed a laid-back and sardonic persona, and even took to gambling on who would survive Squad missions with her coworkers.[1][2]

Dismantling Project Starfish


Recruitment in Belle Reve

In 2020, Harcourt aided the Suicide Squad in their mission to Corto Maltese to destroy evidence of American involvement in the dangerous Project Starfish. From her computer in the Belle Reve Correctional Center, she helped the Squad with strategy, tactics, and killed them when they disobeyed orders. Eventually, the plan went wrong and the source of Project Starfish, a giant starfish-like alien with mind-controlling abilities, was accidentally freed from its prison and went on a furious rampage across the country, but since evidence of American involvement was erased, Waller ordered the Squad abandon the country and leave the monster alone.

One of Harcourt's coworkers, Flo Crawley, wouldn't stand for this and knocked Waller unconscious, convincing her coworkers to help the Squad save Corto Maltese. With the support team's help, the Squad maneuvered through the Maltese capitol and killed the creature, and even were able to upload a computer drive with the incriminating evidence on it to a secure server and blackmail their way to freedom.[2]

Project Butterfly

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"Just because you're handsome doesn't mean you're not a piece of-shit murderer"

As punishment for her insubordination, Waller placed Harcourt on Project Butterfly with cold leader Clemson Murn, the insufferable vigilante Peacemaker, snarky tech support John Economos, and the kind but insecure Leota Adebayo. After a brief talk at Fennel Fields about Senator Royland Goff, her first target, Harcourt went to O'Rourke's Sports Bar to relax, but was harassed by Peacemaker, who had fallen in love with her, although Harcourt refused to have sex with him.[3]

Emilia Harcourt DC Extended Universe 003

Bonding with Peacemaker

That same night, Harcourt recruited Adebayo to save Peacemaker from the police, as he killed Annie Sturphausen, one of the Butterflies, and they successfully saved Peacemaker to meet up at Henenlotter Video, the group's base, and began having a fight. tense relationship against Adebayo because he didn't trust her, doubting if she was human or Butterfly. Harcourt and the team would eventually go on their first mission to the Goff residence, where they would discover that the entire family was infected by Butterflies, and while they waited, Harcourt bonded with Peacemaker by telling him about his past, and how he came to be with Waller.[4][1]

When it was time to attack, Harcourt saw Peacemaker dubious, prompting Vigilante, a sadistic hero and Peacemaker's best friend, to kill half the family until they were confronted by Judomaster, Goff's bodyguard. After rescuing Peacemaker and Vigilante, Harcourt and the others began an investigation to find the location of the Butterflies, while accepting Vigilante, Adrian Chase, into the team. At some point, she confronted Murn, discovering that she was a Butterfly who wanted to stop her race and the Cow from feeding the aliens, and Harcourt promised to keep the secret, as did Economos.[1][5][6]

Emilia Harcourt DC Extended Universe 004

Infiltration at the Butterfly bottling plant

As their next mission, Harcourt and the team were ordered by Murn to travel to the Glan Tai Bottling Plant, where they created the amber fluid, which fed the Butterflies. Harcourt and Vigilante went together to a part of the factory to discover the fluid while they faced the Butterflies until they reached a central panel, where they began to investigate, but they were confronted by a gorilla infected by a Butterfly named Charlie, who ended up being killed by Economos with a chainsaw. Upon completion of the investigation, Harcourt and the team formed a close friendship, and he renamed the Project Butterfly a different name, 11th Street Kids, after the Hanoi Rocks song, and the beginning of their friendship.[7]

Emilia Harcourt DC Extended Universe 005

Harcourt begins to fall in love with Peacemaker

Harcourt would finally talk to Adebayo about Murn's secret, Ik Nobe Llok, and they gave him information on how to stop the Cow, before it is transported to other places, traveling to Coverdale Ranch, the Butterflies' lair, however, they would refuse to tell Peacemaker about the Cow, something that would upset him after a chase with the police. Harcourt then made the peace sign for Peacemaker's weapon, and talked to him about completing the mission, and she began to fall in love with Peacemaker, calling him Chris.[6]

Project Butterfly DC Extended Universe 003

The Project Butterfly united to stop the invasion

Harcourt would later confront Adebayo for framing Peacemaker, blaming him for what happened with the Butterflies, and their fight was interrupted when Murn convinced them to stop fighting. Following Murn's death at the hands of Eek Stack Ik Ik, the Queen of the Butterflies, Harcourt and Adebayo put their differences aside by reconciling, and defeated Judomaster for the third time. To honor Murn's dying wish, Harcourt was chosen as the new team leader thanks to Chris, Adebayo, John, and Vigilante. Harcourt gave orders to take a truck, and go to the ranch. The Project Butterfly took the truck starting the trip to the ranch to stop the invasion of the Butterflies once and for all.[8]

Harcourt and the Butterfly Project arrived outside the ranch to initiate a plan against the Butterflies, which was to use Peacemaker's helmets, and they would send Eagly, Chris's pet eagle, to carry the sonic boom helmet to the barn, but it would go wrong, and the group would start a search for the hull. Harcourt would see Peacemaker having psychological problems, and found the helmet for Economos to infiltrate the barn.[9]

Project Butterfly DC Extended Universe 004

Final battle against the Butterflies

After John managed to escape, Harcourt, Peacemaker, and Vigilante bravely went to the battlefield to fight off all the Butterflies, killing most of them, and sent Peacemaker to eliminate the Cow, however, Harcourt and Vigilante would fall in battle. until Adebayo saved Harcourt and teamed up with Peacemaker, defeating Ik Ik along with the Cow's death. to recover from her injuries and was happy that Peacemaker was waiting for her to wake up, sharing hands with him, confirming the love between them. As a patient, Harcourt was seen by doctors to walk again.[9]

Imprisoning Black Adam

In 2021, Harcourt was sent by the A.R.G.U.S. Director Amanda Waller to Task Force Black Site to receive the superhero team, the Justice Society, who brought the rogue champion of Kahndaq, Teth-Adam, to be locked up in a special cell under the sea from an unknown location in Antarctica.

Emilia Harcourt DC Extended Universe 006

Harcourt at the Task Force X Black Site

Harcourt and a group of agents met with the vigilante Carter Hall and the sorcerer Kent Nelson, who handed Adam over to him and Harcourt taunted Kent about his power to see the future, asking if they could contain it, before speaking as the gods did created, as they always ended up burying them, referencing Adam, and walking away from their meeting, however, Adam would later escape from prison.[10]

Recruiting Shazam

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