Emily was Pete Dinsmore's most successful attempt, to clone his deceased daughter.

Pete would show her films of the real Emily, convincing her that she was the real deal. Eventually, Emily escaped and began following Lana Lang (who had been best friends, with the real Emily). Emily was eventually brought back to LuthorCorp, which had funded Pete Dinsmore's cloning experiments, and had her checked at all time.[2]

A year later, Emily (who had now aged into a teenager) used her powers to escape, when she found out Lana was moving to France and killed Pete Dinsmore. She kidnapped Lana and tried to kill her, when Lana rejected her, but was foiled by Clark Kent and taken into custody. Emily was to be taken to Belle Reve, but escaped and disappeared.[1]


  • Emily was portrayed by Jodelle Ferland (who also played the real Emily Dinsmore), in her first appearance. Amber Rothwell portrayed the teenage Emily, in "Forsaken".
  • Emily was the first clone to appear on the show.
  • Emily's fate was never revealed.



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