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Emily Phan is a civilian from Smallville who was turned into the host of a Kryptonian consciousness by Morgan Edge.

Emily was a childhood friend of Clark Kent and Lana Lang.

When she became pregnant, Emily was forced to quit her job as the Phans could not afford childcare, and the family struggled to survive on her husband’s income.

When Edge Enercorp set up in Smallville, Emily applied to a leadership training program the company was running, hoping to renter the workforce. She asked Lana, who was in charge for selection to the program, to get her in but Lana secretly rejected her, fearing that the program was a cover for something more sinister. However, Edge recruited her behind Lana’s back anyway.

Emily was exposed to X-Kryptonite to grant her Kryptonian powers and her body was possessed by a Kryptonian consciousness. Emily remained in control of her body most of the time but the Kryptonian consciousness would take control when “activated” by a signal sent by Edge.

Edge sent Emily, Kyle Cushing and another man to the Kent Farm to kill Lois Lane. Emily and the third man fought Sam Lane, who was armed with a Kryptonite gas gun, and then chased Lois and Jon Kent into the barn. Jon shot them with a red solar radiation gun he had stolen from John Henry Irons, and they fled when Superman arrived.

During the attack Emily stole Lois’s ELT and delivered it to Morgan Edge. Edge used it to summon Superman for a meeting where he revealed he was Superman’s half-brother and invited him to join him.

Superman refused and so Edge summoned his army, including Emily, to attack. Superman led the Subjekts into the upper atmosphere and sent all his stored solar energy into the Eradicator in a single solar flare, creating a blast wave that restored all the Subjekts to normal.

Emily blamed Kyle and Lana for what had happened to her and her family, but they later reconciled.



  • Multilingualism (Formerly): The Kryptonian consciousness possessing Emily spoke fluent English and Kryptonian. After it was removed Emily can no longer speak Kryptonian.


  • Emily Phan was portrayed by Leeah Wong.