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Emily Sung, the Element Woman is a metamorphic superhero.

Element Woman is one of the many heroes recruited by Cyborg with the intention of stopping an oncoming war between the Wonder Woman and the Amazons against Aquaman and the Atlanteans which was devastating Europe. She offers her help, but is dismissed by Shade, the Changing Man, who uses his M-Vest to reveal to the others that Element Woman is insane.

Element Woman later turns up again in Metropolis, where she saves Cyborg, Batman and the Flash from a group of soldiers working for Project Superman. Element Woman reveals that she has been following ever since his initially failed the attempt to recruit the heroes to stop the war, and that she wishes to help him and the team. Emily partakes in the battle against the Atlanteans and the Amazons, and soon takes notice of the corpse of Professor Zoom killed by Batman, innocently commenting to Barry on Thawne's resemblance to him. After Aquaman initiates a contingency plan that will effectively cause a global earthquake, Flash runs back in time to prevent himself from saving his mother, but is convinced by a strange woman to merge three split realities into a brand new one. Emily would be incorporated into this new reality with a new history.