Emily Washburn was a young woman in Gotham City who in three years time had lost three husbands to freak accidents.

Nightwing believed that Emily was a black widow and decided to stop her from killing any more men. Thinking he could be her next target, he approached her in his civilian identity of Dick Grayson. The pair became close and Dick proposed. The two were wed in a fake ceremony that Dick staged. During their honeymoon in Hawaii, Dick and Emily ran into Emily's best friend Annelise. Annelise attempted to kill Dick but he was able to overpower her. It turned out that Annelise was attempting to punish Emily by killing any man she fell in love with. Dick learned that Emily's father had gotten Annelise's father arrested and Annelise was trying to get revenge. After Annelise's arrest, Dick revealed his plan to Emily. She was upset that Dick deceived her but grateful that he had cleared her name. Dick then offered to make a life with Emily and her son but she declined stating that Dick had other secrets he couldn't share with her.[1]



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