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Emma Deropalis is the terrorist Liar Liar. Daughter of Maxwell Lord, she started her criminal career to be acknowledged by her dad, trying to break him out of jail and also help him kill Wonder Woman.

When she was a young child, Emma found out that Maxwell Lord was her father and that he was alive, while her mother Susan sustained that her father died of cancer, never mentioning his real name. Emma also had conflicts with her mother about her powers, who she already controlled at a very young age: her mother always told her they were the fruit of her imagination. Sick of the lies her mother kept telling her, Emma controlled her and made her collide with a truck in the middle of traffic, killing her at first impact.[1]

Rescued from the accident she caused, of course without anyone suspecting her, Emma decided to find a way to be acknowledged by her father: she would break him out of jail and would help him kill his nemesis, the superheroine Wonder Woman. Gaining control of a weapon Lord developed in the past called Odysseus, Emma developed an app called Odypix infused with her powers who made any user hallucinate, and used it to provoke several catastrophes in the United States, including almost blowing off a nuke bomb in Arizona.[2] She did this while she also made friends with Diana herself, welcoming her as her new neighbor when Wonder Woman transferred back to Washington, as she was helping the newly formed Amazon Embassy.[3]

Knowing that the government would have used Maxwell Lord to solve the problems with Odypix, Emma was successful in freeing him from the army's control and in giving him an opportunity to end Diana's life, while also taking control of Etta Candy.[2] What she did not forecast was that Max Lord wasn't going to collaborate with her, even helping Diana defeating her. She discovered that her father was obsessed with a vision he had when the Source Wall broke: another version of himself being stopped by Diana snapping his neck. After threatening her father at gunpoint, Emma was defeated by the combined effort of Diana's actions and Max's mind tricks and was taken into custody inside Stryker's Island Penitentiary.[1]


Psychic Wave Manipulation: A few ways Emma Lord's powers deviates from those possessed by her father, is that they are not purely psychic in nature. Liar Liar's inherent powers are so strong that they can intrude upon the physical world causing actual concussive effect, Emma once having unleashed a psionic pulse so strong that it was able to shatter masonry and concrete around her with relative ease.[4]

  • Illusion Casting : Emma inherited psychic powers from her father, and with her voice she's able to make people see what she generates. She was able to make Etta Candy both fight Wonder Woman and see an horrible creature facing her while there was only Emma's rabbit Mullaney there.[1]
  • Concussive Force: Liar Liar's psi waves are potent enough to shatter concrete and building material.[4]
  • Mind Control: Thanks to her abilities related to creating hallucinations and her intelligence, Emma is able to manipulate people controlling their minds, for example controlling a soldier and making him crash his vehicle towards Wonder Woman and Emma's father, Maxwell Lord, to break him out of Diana's custody.[1]


  • Computer Hacking: Emma was able to penetrate the servers of one of Maxwell Lord's laboratories, using the servers then to support an app that generated hallucination for its users.[2]
  • Computer Operation: Emma was able to develop an application that combined her powers and a weapon created by her father, Maxwell Lord, finding a way to cause several disaster in the entire United States country.[2]

Other Characteristics

  • Blood Loss: Just like her father her nose starts bleeding when she uses her powers, as seen when she tried them on Wonder Woman.[1]
  • Mental Disorder: Years of being manipulated by Maxwell in the psyche ward have damaged Emma's phycological health.[5] Being unable to properly distinguish fiction from reality as a consequence of all the harsh experimentation she'd underwent by his invisible hand.[4]

  • She always brings with her a rabbit called Mullaney.[1]



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