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The Empire of Shadows is a version of the League of Shadows from the Dark Multiverse which has conquered their world.


The Empire of Shadows has been growing for over a thousand years. It possesses advanced technology, a form of magic unknown in the true Multiverse and armies of Lazarus-enhanced unkillable soldiers.

The Batman of their world chose to join the Empire, married Talia al Ghul and succeeded Ra's al Ghul as the leader of the Empire. Their three children crushed the last resistance on their world, but when a Fuginaut crashed onto their world, Janan al Ghul learned that there were other worlds to bring the al Ghul's peace to.

They planned to invade Earth 0 using an interdimensional transporter built from the Fuginaut, and although it died before they could mobilise their forces, they forced it to send a distress call to Earth 0 to lure a hero to their world who could create the portal they needed. When the Authority came to the Dark Multiverse to stop them, they kidnapped The Enchantress and used her to open a portal to Earth 0. Janan and Said al Ghul crossed over but were repelled by their father's counterpart on Earth 0, and a suspiciously similar hero named Midnighter, who rescued Enchantress and sent them back to their own reality.

The three reported their failure to their parents, but their father told them that the Fuginauts were not the only pathway to the Multiverse above, and that they would see their enemies again.[1]

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