The Empress was a supervillain from the 30th Century who just loved killing.

She got really good at it, too. Empress was a member of the Fatal Five along with Tharok, Mano, Validus and the Persuader.

They frequently came into conflict with the Legion of Super-Heroes.


None, all powers provided by the Emerald Eye.


Empress just relies on her great skill at killing people with blades and her bare hands.


When in possesion of the Eye she is virtually indestructible. It can be temporarily stunned or disoriented if struck by a powerful enough attack, but the effect is momentary. A truly devastating blow can possibly shatter the Eye, but it will quickly re-form itself with no hint of any damage.

  • Telepathy: It can sometimes be tricked into shutting down if its ability to 'see' is blocked, e.g; when Sensor Girl masked the presence of the Empress from the Eye, though this is difficult to accomplish since the Eye can see through nearly every spectrum and wavelength.
  • Kryptonite: For some reason the Emerald Eye of Ekron has an adverse reaction to green Kryptonite ; when exposed to the material it can become dazed or immobilized. If the Eye is successfully attacked, the Empress will often 'feel' the effects of the attack as well, due to their symbiotic relationship.
  • Emerald Eye of Ekron: The second provides the Emerald Empress a variety of of powers, similar to the effects of the Green Lantern Power Ring. The eye allows , she can fly and survive unharmed in the cold vacuum of space. At her command, it can attack her enemies with energy blasts powerful enough to take down even the likes of Superboy. It also protects her from attack by generating a nearly impenetrable force field around her. The Empress can also wield the Eye's power to suit more specific needs depending on her situation: it has given her superhuman strength on more than one occasion, and in another instance she was able to use its power to grow to gigantic size. In a recent appearance, the Eye gave the Empress the power to cast illusions and alter reality, rebuilding the planet of Orando into a medieval-like society as she envisioned it.

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