Empty Vee is a member of the Intimates.

When Vee was a young girl, a meteorite crashed in her backyard, rendering her invisible. Eventually, she was sent to Seminary to become more proficient in the use in her super-powers. While there, she befriended Destra. For some time, she had a crush on Punchy, but when he discovered she was his secret admirer, he rejected her scornfully. During her time at the Seminary, a corporate trend-spotter, Della Cruz, came and interviewed her.

Toward the end of the school year, Vee, Destra, Punchy and another student in their homeroom, the Duke, plotted to unveil the mystery of fellow student Sykes. Vee "went ghost" and snuck into Sykes' room, where she pressed the fail-safe button on Sykes' null-field generator enveloping the world with Sykes' psychedelic powers. While trapped in the hallucination, Vee listened to Duke's confessions about his dark thoughts and other secret shames. She also witnessed the death of Sykes' parents at the hands of his Uncle Melvin. Kefong rescued his friends from the hallucination, returning the world to normal.

That summer, Vee went on tour with the band The Weirdness, but left her bassist-boyfriend for the lead singer of a more popular band. The two engaged in infamous behavior on live television. When she returned to the Seminary, she, Destra, Kefong, Punchy, Duke, and Sykes worked to uncover the mystery of the Devonshire Foods that seemed to have ulterior motives. During the unveiling of the mystery, she and her friends broke into a lab with a prototype teleporter, and the group teleported themselves to freedom. Her fate from that point is unknown.


  • Invisibility: Empty Vee has the ability to render herself visible or invisible at will.


  • Invisibility: Empty Vee's natural state is invisible, and it requires effort for her to retain visibility for prolonged periods of time.

  • Vee's mother is a closeted lesbian.
  • Empty Vee is a pun on MTV.


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