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The Enchantress was originally a being from the Nightshade Dimension named Succubus, that plotted with her brother Incubus to bring their realm under the rule of their father Azhmodeus, but Dzamor temporarily foiled their plans by capturing Succubus and fusing her with the mortal woman June Moone in a costume party. Moone was a freelance artist that later became involved with the Forgotten Villains, the Sentinels of Magic, the Shadowpact, and the Suicide Squad as the Enchantress.

In the Prime Earth continuity, the Enchantress is instead an interdimensional witch possessing the kind-hearted human June Moone. She is a powerful, but mentally unstable sorceress who has fought as hero and villain and is considered a separate entity from June although the two share the same body. She has been a member of the The Authority, the Sisterhood of the Sleight Hand, the Suicide Squad, and the Justice League Dark.

Enchantress was created by Bob Haney and Howard Purcell, first appearing in Strange Adventures #187 (1966).


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