Quote1.png Once you and your armies are gone, my darkness will spread across this world and it will be mine to rule. Quote2.png
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Early Life

The Enchantress is an immensely powerful mystical being hailing from an unknown mystical plain. She and her brother, Incubus arrived on Earth 4357 BCE, a millennia before the war of the gods and were worshipped by the pre-Columbian humans as their gods. This changed when both beings were defeated somehow and sealed away in containers, in a tomb within the Tres Osos Caves.


For over a millennia after her defeat, Enchantress was unleashed by Dr. June Moone, who unintentionally opened her container, releasing her Essenes. Enchantress then took possession of June's body.




Heart: Though virtually unstoppable, Enchantress had only one weakness which Amanda Waller took full advantage of, her heart. Enchantress is separated from her heart, which limited her abilities, however once reunited with it, she was at full strength. Any damage to the heart however and Enchantress would feel the pain and crushing it killed her.

She is similar to Evil Samara from The Ring.



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