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This subject has not been given a canonical in-universe name, and its title is based on educated speculation. Although a reliable source has not yet been provided, and may never be provided, the article will be named for the most likely guess until then. Thank you, Green Lantern.

Enchantress is an ancient entity.

She made a deal with Bruce Wayne at the verge of his death. In order to become fearless, Bruce would have to sell his tears to her. In return, he would be one who Enchantress could call her own.[1] Years later, Bruce became Batman and forgot about the deal, eventually causing her to attack him in the middle of a cemetery.[1]


  • Immortality: Stated to exist before and after everything, all at once.[2]
  • Magic: Capable of granting life to stone statues.[1]
    • Metamorphosis: Seemingly changes her appearance at will, as she has taken the form of a child,[2] an adult[3] and a monster.[1]



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