The first Engineer was a member of the High's Changers.

The Engineer has spent his adult life extending the possibilities of his own body with technology using his own body as a test bed for the changes he wants to make to the world. He tried to give the world nanotechnology, miraculous engines of creation no larger than bacteria. The authority stopped him from giving the people a thing that would remove need from the world.

He was part of a group called The Changers, led by The High, who wanted to change the world by removing the structure of society itself. There would be no more laws, no authoritarian structures, no crime and no war. The Engineer's part of this plan was to seed nanotechnological oases across the planet, that would be "horns of plenty" providing every imaginable food, product and tool anybody needed. On the behest of a mad Henry Bendix, Stormwatch attacked their base to stop them and the Engineer was killed by a Hammerstrike Deep Sanction Missile, a biowar payload and tailored acid bomb that destroyed him and his nanotechnology.

The first and only one of his nanotechnological oases, the Garden of Nevada, came back to haunt Stormwatch. It was used to create weapons, such as brain-powered guns, before being neutralized by Apollo and Midnighter on behalf of Stormwatch. Most of the trees ended up on Stormwatch's satellite, Skywatch.





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