"Episode 1: The Lizard, the Head, the Enigma": 25 Years ago:

Quote1 When the honey of another's life touches my nervous system I could almost be sucking on God's little finger... Quote2
The Head

Enigma #1 is an issue of the series Enigma (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1993.

Appearing in "Episode 1: The Lizard, the Head, the Enigma"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Ellen Collins (Flashback only)
  • Jimmy Collins (Flashback only) (Dies)
  • Joe
  • Officer Bob
  • Officer Frank




Synopsis for "Episode 1: The Lizard, the Head, the Enigma"

25 Years ago:
On a farm in Arizona, a frightened woman runs from her house towards a well. A man is chasing her, but as the woman backs up closer to the well, she brandishes a shotgun and shoots the man in the chest. A red lizard, perched on the edge of the well, watches everything.

The Present:
Michael Smith is an obsessive-compulsive telephone repair man who lives in Pacific City, California. After following his rigid morning routine, he goes to work and answers a service call at the Beverly Hills home of actor Victor Lamont.

In an alleyway in the city, two police officers named Bob and Frank find a mutilated corpse. The victim appears to be one more victim of the "Brain Eater", a serial killer that has been stalking the Felgrado Heights area for over a week. Bob finds a dead lizard lying next to the body and decides to keep it.

That Tuesday, Michael and his girlfriend, Sandra, have guests over at their place. Michael is uncomfortable with this arrangement as Tuesday is the day that Sandra and he reserve for sex. Their friend, Joe, comments on Michael's oddness and jokingly muses whether Michael might actually be the infamous "Brain Eater". In the middle of the conversation, Michael mutters the world "lizard". He has no idea why.

Elsewhere in Pacific City, a mysterious individual sits within his room. Ennui sets in and he decides he must go out. He picks up a white theater mask from the floor and leaves the apartment.

The evening wears on and Michael and Sandra's guests leave, enabling them to enjoy their regularly scheduled sex time. Michael's heart isn't in it though. He can't get his mind off the Brain Eater murders. Michael turns on the news and the broadcaster speaks of the most recent murder. Since the crime scene is very near to their home, Michael convinces Sandra to check it out with him.

He tells Sandra that he recently had a dream involving a dark, mysterious man in a mask. He doesn't understand its significance, but feels oddly comforted by it. Michael and Sandra then have sex on the hood of his car. A short while later, Michael sees a small green lizard floating through the air and decides to follow it.

Meanwhile, officer Bob returns home to his wife. He has with him the dead, red lizard that he recovered from the crime scene. Suddenly, the Brain Eater breaks into his home. The Brain Eater (who refers to himself as the Head rather than the Brain Eater) is a monstrous figure with a human body and an oversized, inhuman head. He attacks Bob and uses a special metal straw to extract his brain through his nose. The Brain Eater reveals that by consuming brains, he acquires the memories of his victims.

25 Years ago:
Salesman Roger Cliff is driving through rural Arizona when he finds a small, red lizard near a farmhouse. Intrigued by it, he gathers it up and takes it with him.

10 Days ago:
The little red lizard, having long since died, begins speaking to Roger Cliff. It instructs him to retrieve the contents from locker no. 8 at West Pacific Station. Upon doing so, Roger finds a costume. Putting it on, he is transformed into the Brain Eater.

The Present:
Michael Smith tracks the floating green lizard to the home of officer Bob. As he enters the apartment, he finds the Brain Eater standing over Bob's corpse and ready to commit a similar execution upon Bob's wife. Michael's presence disrupts the Brain Eater's feeding, so the creature decides to float away. While Bob's widow lies on the floor sobbing, Michael spies the green lizard on the sill. Michael goes to the window, but the lizard floats away into the waiting arms of the Enigma (the masked man from Michael's dreams).

Michael races downstairs and runs outside in the hopes of making contact with the Enigma. Instead however, he runs into the Brain Eater. The Brain Eater pounces on him and begins to consume Michael's brain.


  • Enigma is an eight-issue limited series published under DC's Vertigo imprint. Suggested for mature readers. This series is set within an insular continuity separate from that of the mainstream DC Universe or any other Vertigo title.
  • This issue is reprinted in the Enigma trade paperback.
  • Issue shipped in January of 1993.
  • Issue includes a preview of scenes from Enigma #2.
  • First appearance of all characters.
  • According to a desk calendar in Roger Cliff's office, the events from this series take place in December of 1992.
  • The man and woman from the opening flashback are identified as Ellen and Jimmy Collins in Enigma #5.


  • This was one of the first mini-series released when DC launched Vertigo, their "suggested for mature readers" line of comics in March 1993 and the first not to be connected to an existing book.

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