"Episode 4: And Then What?": Continuing his deadly culling, the Truth grabs Michael Smith and forces him to look at the truth within his own soul. He readies himself for the kill, but the Enigma steps in. He grabs the Tru

Quote1.png What does it mean, huh? What does it mean when those kids die so... pointlessly? It doesn't mean anything, does it? That's the scary part. If it meant something, you could handle it, but it doesn't. Quote2.png
Titus Bird

Enigma #4 is an issue of the series Enigma (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1993.

Synopsis for "Episode 4: And Then What?"

Continuing his deadly culling, the Truth grabs Michael Smith and forces him to look at the truth within his own soul. He readies himself for the kill, but the Enigma steps in. He grabs the Truth about the throat and breaks his neck. Michael comes face to face with the Enigma for the first time. As mysteriously as he appeared, the Enigma disappears just as quickly.

Elsewhere, a man named John Cade awakens when he hears a sound coming from the other room in this house. He goes to investigate and discovers that all of the living room furniture has been rearranged. Something within Cade snaps and he beheads his wife, then takes his own life by impaling himself with a broken leg from a coffee table. Police arrive on the scene and find the words "The Interior League" smeared on the walls, written in John Cade's blood.

The following day, Michael and Titus learn about the nocturnal activities of the Interior League. They discover that the League had broken into five separate homes the evening prior, resulting in the deaths of twelve people. Michael asks if the League is in anyway associated with the old Enigma comic, but Titus denies ever creating such characters.

Titus rents an apartment for Michael and he to stay at. He shows him newspaper clippings of the League's activities and even an artist's interpretation of what the League actually look like. Michael is bothered by this, noting that something about the League seems familiar to him.

Later, Envelope Girl assaults an old judge and uses her powers to teleport him to the swamps of Louisiana. The experience haunts the man and he becomes obsessed with Envelope Girl. He walks all the way back to Pacific City just to be with her. This phenomena repeats itself with all of those who have felt Envelope Girl's touch. They follow her wherever they can find her, desperate to feel her embrace.

That evening, Michael goes out for a walk. He steps into a bar, only to realize moments later that it is a gay bar. A wild sickness overwhelms him and he cannot understand the feelings that are roiling about inside of him. He is still traumatized by his experience with the Truth. He later returns to Titus' apartment, but doesn't tell him about his experience.

The following morning, Michael's girlfriend Sandra makes an impromptu visit at their apartment. She wants to understand why Michael has been acting so strange lately. Michael cannot explain himself, but realizes that he needs to sever his relationship with Sandra until he can get this Enigma business sorted out.

As Titus and Michael prepare to leave the apartment, one of the overzealous Enigmatics accosts them. To prove his love for Titus Bird and all he has created, the boy withdraws a pistol, places it in his mouth and shoots himself. Titus is overwhelmed with shock. Back inside the apartment, they turn on the television where they discover to their horror that three-hundred Enigmatics have taken their own lives outside the city opera house. Prior to cutting their own throats, they proclaimed Titus Bird as a modern day prophet. Titus is consumed with grief over such a violent, pointless episode. He breaks off a piece of the glass coffee table and prepares to commit suicide, but Michael stops him. He reminds Titus that he is not responsible for the actions of the Enigmatics. Frustrated and forlorn, Titus goes out for a drink.

Appearing in "Episode 4: And Then What?"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Enigmatics
  • John Cade (Only appearance; dies)
  • Stephen (First appearance)





  • This issue is reprinted in the Enigma trade paperback.
  • Issue shipped on April 29th, 1993.
  • First issue of the series to include a letters column.
  • The Interior League appear in a newspaper clipping only. They make their first actual appearance in Enigma #5.
  • Michael's experience at the Mother Lode is explained in greater detail in Enigma #6.


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