Quote1 Thaal Sinestro of Korugar. Destiny Awaits. Quote2
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The Entity is the living embodiment of the White Light of Creation that gave birth to all living things in the universe. It originated on Earth where the Guardians of the Universe decided to keep it hidden, most likely to protect it from being discovered. However, during the Blackest Night event, it was released by Nekron, who began to viciously assault it in hopes of destroying all life as the Entity is connected to all living things. Hal Jordan and Sinestro realized that, like Parallax and Ion, the Entity needs a host to pilot it. Hal Jordan began to fly towards it in hopes of being its host only to be stopped by Sinestro, who told him he had his chance with Parallax. Sinestro then joined with the Entity as a voice proclaimed "Thaal Sinestro of Korugar, destiny awaits." Sinestro emerged as the first member of the White Lantern Corps. [1]

Sinestro destroys legions of Black Lanterns with the Entity's power. While being bonded with the Entity, Sinestro is able to see its memories and witness the creation of life and the Emotional Spectrum. Nekron manages to kill Sinestro while he witnesses the Entity's memories, however the Entity's power revives Sinestro. Together Sinestro and the Entity are able to gain the advantage over Nekron, even managing to destroy Nekron's body. Nekron, being death itself, cannot be killed in the same manner as a living creature, and he simply switches bodies. The Entity is taken out of Sinestro and left vulnerable. Hal Jordan bonds with the Entity and together they restore the living heroes transformed into Black Lanterns from Nekron's influence. Hal transforms them into White Lanterns and dubs them the White Lantern Corps, they defeat Nekron by resurrecting Black Hand, cutting Nekron's link to the living plane, allowing the heroes to finally destroy Nekron. The Entity disappears after the battle, but a White Lantern Power Battery is found on Earth. [2]


It is the manifested form of life and creation. It has limitless levels of energy and can alter and change reality. Those who are empowered by the entity can also create white light constructs.


  • White Lantern Power Battery


  • White Lantern Ring



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