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Quote1.png Entropy isn't evil, boy! It's the natural decay of things. It's pathology, chaos... and we need it to reignite that tree! Quote2.png
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The Omega Titan Entropy embodies one of the four fundamental energies of sentient life — Entropy, chaos, or decay — and will consume the world where that energy is dominant.

Entropy was as old as the universe, and implanted early worlds with Cosmic Seeds with the hope that the Titan would consume them at the end of time, and be proven superior to its three brother/ mother Omega Titans.[1] But when the Source Wall was prematurely cracked[2], Entropy and the other three Titans were released, and sought the energy necessary to repair the Wall and keep Perpetua contained.[3]

When the Tree of Entropy bloomed on Colu, it grew from the only chaotic place on the planet — the Ultra Penitence prison. Colu as a whole was ruled by Wisdom, and the Titan Entropy did not even appear. Once Wisdom's armor opened and spread around Colu, the planet was devoured and Entropy appeared ready to judge the Earth.[4]

The Omega Titans had heard the call of the Cosmic Seed that Brainiac had planted on Earth, and Entropy followed the call to the immense Tree of Entropy that blossomed at Belle Reve Prison. It was the largest fundamental energy on Earth, and the Omega Titan Entropy prepared to engulf the planet, while its three brothers stood by.[5]

The Justice League radically changed the focus of the other three Titans by creating a Cosmic Seed containing all four energies which Green Arrow fired into the heart of Entropy - raising the hunger of its 3 brothers who turned on Entropy and devoured the Titan. While the universal energy of entropy still existed, the Titan itself ceased to exist.

Entropy's position as the dominant force on Earth had the most dramatic effect on Lex Luthor, who abandoned all pretence at being a hero and a Justice Leaguer, and soon would form the Legion of Doom and begin his quest for Perpetua.[5][6]

When the Justice League later enacted a plan to repair the Source Wall, they required the presence of all four Omega Titans - but with Entropy destroyed, Hawkgirl took the entity's place and was charged with entropic energy by Starman who claimed that one function of the Omega Titans was to repair the Wall.[3]

But it was not to be. Lex Luthor, inspired by Entropy, seized his chance and had Brainiac use the energy of Starman to complete his control of the seven hidden forces; and the Source Wall exploded. Entropy's three remaining brother Omega Titans died with the Wall.[3]


  • Alien Physiology: Entropy's true form was implied to be made of pure energy.[7]
  • Energy Absorption: Entropy consumed planets by opening its armor and pulling planets within, absorbing the collected Entropy energy from the world.[1]
  • Interstellar Travel: Entropy was large enough to remain outside of the atmospheric envelope, when standing on a planet, and the Omega Titan could transit space near instantaneously between planets.
  • Invulnerability: Lacking a physical body, and encased in impregnable armor, Entropy could not be harmed by conventional means.[7]
  • Immortality: Entropy was older than the universe, and awaited its end.[7]
  • Size Alteration: At times Entropy appeared the size of a city, and at others the Titan was as large as a planet.[8][4]


  • Indomitable Will: Omega Titans were so driven to fulfill their universal function that Wisdom resisted the influence of a gargantuan Starro, and scarcely noticed the attack of Superman. And Entropy was eaten by its brother/mother Titans without question or delay when Green Arrow fired a Cosmic Seed replete with all four energies into its heart.[5]


  • Technological Reliability: Entropy's weakness was not an Achilles heel — it was still a Titan —but the only time the Titan was at all vulnerable was when it had to open its armor to consume a world.[5]



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