Quote1.png I ran a long way from the future to hurt you, Barry. But this timeline ? It's all wrong. Quote2.png
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Eobard Thawne is Professor Zoom, more commonly referred to as the Reverse-Flash.

Before Metropolis

In the distant future, a scientist named Eobard Thawne researched the historical hero known as the Flash and decided to become his greatest enemy. Gaining powers very similar to the Flash's, Thawne went back in time and killed Barry Allen's mother to begin his lifelong torment of the man whose life he planned to ruin.

Time travelling to some point before the Joker's attack on Superman, the Flash and the "Reverse-Flash" fought each other at least once before the Thawne retreated.

Brainiac's Attack

After Superman set up his new regime in an attempt to rid the world of crime, one of Eobard's essential ancestors was killed in the process, leaving him trapped in a paradox. Returning to a time years after Batman and the Insurgency had defeated the Regime, Thawne decided to make the most of being stuck in the past by continuing his torment of Barry Allen, fighting both the speedster and Wonder Woman as Brainiac's forces attacked.[1]




  • Power Limitation: Thanks to being trapped in a time paradox Eobard cannot return to his time period.



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