Epiphany Constantine (née Greaves) is the wife of John Constantine.

Daughter of Terry Greaves, a London crime boss, she was sent away to alchemy school at the age of 10 after her mother's death, her father hoping the skills she acquired there would aid his organization. Though she despised it, her skills did indeed prove profitable for Terry and his gang.

Her first encounter with Constantine was was at the age of 15, noting him as the only person not to show fear in front of her father, causing her to form a crush towards him.[1] Years later, he returns to enlist her help in making a love potion to win back the heart of his ex-girlfriend Phoebe. Due to complications involving the demon Julian, Phoebe dies. Constantine returns again, asking for a resurrection potion. Though she makes it (reluctantly, as her attraction to John has returned), Epiphany warns that the results could be less than desired if the user is not pure of heart. Predictably, things go wrong, and everyone in the graveyard but Phoebe is revived. In the chaos, Epiphany falls unconscious in a magical coma.

Her father threatens Constantine after he learns what happened, saying he will kill him if he cannot wake her. Constantine is able to contact her inside her mind, revealing the coma was self-induced. In her mind, Epiphany is able to live as a little girl forever in a time before she was sent away to alchemy school. To save John's life, she decides to wake herself and spare him from her father's wrath.

Later, Epiphany receives a call from an Indian mystic, telling her to go to John in Mumbai and assist him in defeating the demon Kali Yuga. The two are successful, and Constantine is able to reunite with Phoebe one final time, using Epiphany's body to channel her spirit.

After returning to England, Epiphany lives with John out of fear that her father would make her work for her again if she stayed with him. Constantine is asked by his friend Faeces McCartney to help him restore an idol to power. While he considers, he is attacked by a gang of skinheads, saved only by the arrival of Epiphany. Her feelings for him growing stronger, she begins sleeping with another man to make him jealous. John eventually relents, getting her to stop her affair with the man. Later, she drunkenly propositions herself to John, but he refuses. They end up fighting and Epiphany tells him to stay away from her.

John eventually begins to reciprocate Epiphany's feelings for him despite their last encounter, activating a curse set on him that drives him mad. In his insanity, he beats Epiphany half to death, severely damaging her face. Shade, the Changing Man appears before her, offering to repair her face if she returns to his home planet of Meta with her. Before she can decide, John appears, still insane, and apologizes while proposing to her. She leaves and is taken to Meta with Shade. However, things aren't as they appear; Shade repairs her face, but in the image of his lost love Kathy George. She rejects him and, in his anger, he sends her back to Earth and in time to the year 1979.

In 1979, Epiphany meets with her mother and father, though neither know who she is, as well as a young Constantine. With the help of the younger Constantine, she manages to return to her appropriate time, not before the present Constantine can punch his younger self in the face. Cured of his madness, Epiphany agrees to marry him.

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  • Alchemy: Epiphany is a trained alchemist, specializing in making potions.


  • Marksmanship: She is a decent shot with a handgun and has saved John's life with one before.



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