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Quote1 "Time is money," an old adage says... And so it is! All my life, I've sought ways to control time, to bend it to my will! I wanted to make time my slave-- So I could plunder all the ages of man, from the prehistoric, through medieval, to modern and beyond! Wealth, beauty, power-- All would be mine, if I could but control time! Quote2
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Epoch was a time traveler who gained his power from the year 1 billion AD and began his career capturing criminals in a dimension similar to the Phantom Zone known as the Timepoint.

He then traveled to the past and became a foe of the Justice League.

He first appeared battling the JLA when the members were whisked away by Felix Faust[1]

After succeeding in defeating Felix Faust, the Justice League continue their fight to stop the Lord of Time from taking over their era. However the Time Lord manages to escape to the distant future where he plans on getting an army of soldiers armed with super weapons to take over the present day.

The heroes follow the Lord of Time to the year 3786 where they stop him before he can collect the weapons he needs. Trying to take him back to the present to face justice, the League soon finds themselves trapped in the year 2062, the year which the Demons Three are freed from their curse. After defeating the Demons, they return to their own time where they turn the Lord of Time over to the authorities.[2]

On the way home to Gotham City after a tour of Viet Nam, solider Eddie Brent is coming home a hero. However, when he goes berserk and jumps off his train, his suspicious activity prompts Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson to investigate it as Batman and Robin. Tracking Brent down, they find that he has been armed with super-weapons which easily over power the Dynamic Duo.

Seeing the aid of the Justice League of America, Batman and Robin continue to track down Brent who is attempting to commit crimes. Being defeated at first, the JLA and Robin develop a device to deactivate the super weapons. When they use it, it also reveals the true foe: The Lord of Time, who had hypnotized Brent for his own diabolical ends. After the Lord of Time is defeated, the JLA joins Brent to traveling to Washington D.C. where Brent receives rewards from the President of the United States.[3]

The Lord of Time launches a scheme to control the flow of time through his living computer, the Eternity Brain, but to correct a fatal flaw in his scheme, he is forced to draw five heroes out of the past, give them super-powers, and pit them against the Justice League and Justice Society.

The Viking Prince, Jonah Hex, Miss Liberty, Enemy Ace, and the Black Pirate cause an explosion at the joint meeting of the two teams which sidelines all but eight members of the groups. In a follow-up battle, the Viking Prince and Black Pirate defeat Flash, Huntress, Doctor Mid-Nite, Elongated Man, and the Earth-2 Wonder Woman, while Superman, Hawkman, and the Star-Spangled Kid fall before the forces of an airborne Enemy Ace, Jonah Hex, and Miss Liberty.

Recovering, the heroes set out to avenge this defeat, which is precisely the Time Lord's intention: his irrevocably programmed computer will stop the flow of time forever unless the JLA and JSA can prevent it. [4]

A collection of both Justice League and Justice Society members board the Flash's Cosmic Treadmill and soar off into the time stream. They are in a race against time as many of their respective allies lie dying of a mysterious illness at Gotham General Hospital.

Meanwhile in the year 3786, the Lord of Time uses his advanced technology to abduct five warriors from Earth's past – the Black Pirate, Enemy Ace, Miss Liberty, Jonah Hex and Miss America. He plans to use them to attack the Eternity Brain – the artificial intelligence that controls his Palace of Eternity. He originally programmed the brain to stop the flow of time, until he discovered that it would halt the flow of time permanently. Although the heroes proved victorious, the Lord of Time escaped justice.[5]

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  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.
  • In Earth-One continuity, the Lord of Time was also a recurring foe of the Karate Kid. The Crisis on Infinite Earths and Zero Hour events however have rendered these stories apocryphal.
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Lord of Time, Pre-Crisis

  • The Lord of Time seemingly died in JLA/WildC.A.T.s, but as that issue exists as part of an inter-company crossover, the canonicity of the event is a matter of speculation.



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