Epoch was the self-declared Lord of Time, a time traveller who seeked to change time to his benefit.

During Darkseid's return to power, Epoch hired Gamma Knife to recover useful parts of the wrecked spacecraft to build the Revision Mechanism, a device capable of rewriting the Universe's history. He wanted to erase Darkseid from existence and prevent Perpetua's resurgence.


  • Genius Level Intellect
    • Tactical Analysis
    • Temporal Mechanics: Epoch is an expert in the field of temporal mechanics and quantum theory.
      • Mechanical Engineering: Capable of designing and creating technologies that allows to travel through time and space, and even capable to "store" implicate time. Also designed and created a highly advanced device know as the Revision Mechanism,that allows to manipulate time and rewrite the history of the Universe. [1]

  • Eidetic Memory: After being rescued from a time loop Epoch demonstrated totall recall of future events of alternative timelines.


  • Epoch Armor
    • Chronokinesis
    • Enhanced Durability


  • Hover Pad

  • Epoch is well known to the New Gods; Orion describes him as a "vile temporal manipulator".[1]



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