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Equus is a mammoth-sized individual who works for a scientist named Elias Orr.

Elias, a reclusive bio-chemist and pawn of Darkseid, created Equus in a decommissioned Air Force facility in Nebraska known as Fort Halprin. When the dying time-lost super-hero Karate Kid and his partner Una came to the base seeking Orr's assistance, the scientist sent Equus after them to see what they were made of. Satisfied with what he had witnessed, Orr introduced himself to the heroes and agreed to help them. However, shortly after they left the facility, Equus took it upon himself to hunt them down. He found them on a railroad car in Benkelman, Nebraska and began fighting them. The conflict garnered the attention of Supergirl who traded several blows with Equus. During the fight, Karate Kid managed to sever Equus' arm with a high-powered karate chop, but he quickly recovered from the injury.


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: Equus wears a synthetic skin sheathe over top of a cybernetic frame.
    • Superhuman Strength: The full limits of Equus' strength levels are unknown, but he has been seen effortlessly lifting a railroad car and using it as a melee weapon.
    • Regeneration: Equus possesses aggressive healing capabilities and can recover from major wounds (including severed limbs) within a short span of time.
    • Claws: In addition to his cybernetic enhancements, Equus possesses sharpened steel talons capable of cutting Supergirl's skin, housed within his forearms and extend outward over top the bone structure of his hands.
    • Enhanced Vision: Equus possesses a variation of X-Ray vision made possible by his cybernetic goggles.
    • Superhuman Durability: withstood several blows from Supergirl.

  • Equus' talons are similar to the Adamantium claws wielded by Marvel's Wolverine.



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