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Eradicator was a member of a group of peacekeeping robots built by General Zod called the Eradicators. In an alternate timeline, the Eradicator was on Krypton during its eminent destruction.

When the Kryptonian Military Guild failed to apprehend Booster Gold, Skeets, and Superman, Zod and the Eradicators persuaded them. While they were able to escape, but the Eradicator was able to continue chasing them through the Timestream.[1]

Landing in 25th Century Earth, the Eradicator again went after his query only to be seemingly destroyed by a high-intensity pulse blast from the local authorities. Under the advice of Skeets, Superman placed the android in their Time Sphere. The android reactivated and used its heat vision to destroy the Time Sphere, causing Superman to retaliate and destroy the Eradicator for good.[2]




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