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The Eradicator is part of a group of robots created by General Zod to seek out and arrest Kryptonian law breakers.

They were directed to draw out the lawbreaker's life force and transfer them to a Phantom Zone projector, with the bodies being put into cryo-chambers to await trial.[1]

Returning from a mission in deep space, the Eradicator sees Krypton explode (which coated him in organic matter as it also wiped all mechanical vestiges) as well as Kal-El's rocket flying away. Moving systematically from solar system to solar system seeking out its passenger it eventually came in contact with Jonathan's DNA on Earth.[2]

After using this DNA to enter the Fortress of Solitude, the Eradicator assimilates more Kryptonian genome as well as items belong to Clark Kent taking on an appearance similar to the original Eradicator.[2]

Because Jonathan is only half Kryptonian, the Eradicator intends to absorb him so as to remove the "human taint." Krypto sensing danger from the Eradicator leaps at the Eradicator and is sent to the Phantom Zone.

In the resulting fight a combined hit from Superman and Jonathan breaks the Eradicator's outer shell, releasing the Kryptonian souls he has captured.

Later on, to help Superman, these spirits sacrifice themselves by allowing themselves to be assimilated by the Eradicator, all at once causing the Eradicator's systems to overload causing a energy backlash that throws it into a harbor.

Eventually escaping to the moon Superman's power is increased by the remnants of the dead Kryptonians as the Eradicator, using the energy of its one remaining soul presses its attack. In the resulting battle, which is televised all over the world due to the devastation happening on the moon, Krypto breaks out of the Eradicator and helps Superman destroy it.

A mysterious, seemingly digitized figure approaches the Eradicator's make-shift grave on the moon and resurrects it. The figure makes an offer to help it seek revenge on Superman to which the Eradicator reluctantly accepts, also revealing that they know each other.

Later, the Eradicator has taken over Batman's moon base. Blanque and Metallo are forcibly teleported into the base. The two initially attempt to attack the Eradicator but are stopped by the mysterious figure. The figure then reveals himself as Hank Henshaw, who welcomes them all to the new Superman Revenge Squad.

Death Metal

He was resurrected by Batman in the fight against The Batman Who Laughs and his new Dark Multiverse. [3]


  • Despite the similarities in name and appearance this is a totally different character from the New Earth Eradicator
  • This Eradicator also has some knowledge of New Earth history.[4]
  • The merging of the New Earth and Prime Earth Supermen created a new continuity that is a mixture of New Earth and Prime Earth history.[5] This may have altered the Eradicator's history.



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