Quote1 Do you hear the screams children? They're coming to purify us with the fires of hell itself! Quote2
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Erasmus "Death Rattle" Rayne was a cult leader and a serial killer.

He was a self-proclaimed psychic and founder of his own religion, completely amoral and wildly unpredictable. Rayne was convinced he could commune with the dead, and listened when the voices in his head told him to kill 56 members of his own ministry. He was imprisoned within Arkham Asylum, where he shared a cell with Warren White, and later died. When Arkham was attacked by demons, and the ghosts of its residents' victims walked its halls looking for revenge, Death Rattle's former communion thanked him for saving them and told him he had to throw himself into the fires and sacrifice himself, which he willingly did. In reality, they just wanted him to kill himself and rot in hell.



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