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In the Antimatter Universe, natives of the planet Qward spoke of the ancient legend of Erdammeru, the Void Hound.

The Dark God stalked the stars, seeking life to devour. The nephelithospheric crust plates above Qward's atmosphere spared their world from Erdammeru's notice. The Qwardians took this legend and built their ultimate weapon, the Void Hound. The full extent of the Void Hound's arsenal has not been detailed. Based on information gathered during its operation, the Void Hound boasts multiple weapons systems. At least forty-six squads of dronestrikers were considered the Void Hound's "fangs." The dronestriker attack craft would swarm an enemy starship or planet. Launchers would fire off tesseract bombs which violently folded space momentarily inside-out for over thousand mile spans. The ten gravitic whirlpool batteries featured enough power to send tidal ripples across a planet's continents while the holocaust beam would rip across the face of continents, cutting trenches up to three miles wide.

The Void Hound was crewed by the Weaponers of Qward and Qwardian Thunderers, but even with their advanced technology, normal Qwardian computer equipment would not be sufficient to operate the Void Hound. The Qwardians sought out something more powerful. As in the formation of the Construct, the late 20th Century enemy of the positive matter Earth's Justice League of America, the electronic communications web around the planet Qward had coalesced itself and somehow formed sentience, a "machine-mind." The Qwardians found and enslaved it. The mind was faster and more complex than any other known to Qward and was used in the Void Hound. The machine-mind was able to instinctively react and adjust to its enemies' combat styles far faster than an outside operator could issue commands for processing.

None could control the Void Hound and those who tried were driven insane. Some Qwardians feared they had captured the mind of the dark god Erdammeru itself. The Void Hound had been tested only once, resulting in the death of ten star systems. Fearful that it would destroy their universe, the Void Hound was locked away, hidden in the positive-matter universe on Turi, a moon of the planet Maltus. Engineered bioforms known as Devourers were placed to guard the Void Hound against any who would try to claim it. The aura of evil from Turi was so strong, the Maltusians moved the moon to the far fringes of their solar system. In the anti-matter universe, the Void Hound became as legend. The qwa-portal to Turi was hidden on one of the rocky nephelithospheric crust plates above Qward. Its location was a secret on the forbidden scrolls and it would be millennia before the transference pathway would be used again.

Over time, the fortunes of Qward rose and fell. The Weaponers of Qward began to use agents to act on their behalf, especially against their hated foes in the positive-matter universe, the Green Lantern Corps and their masters, the Guardians of the Universe. Starting with Tybalt Bak'Sar, the Weaponers of Qward created weapons for enemies of the Corps and the Guardians. Though some agents, such as the rogue Green Lantern Thaal Sinestro, had some measure of success over the years, more recent failures such as Poglachian Green Lantern Corps, Fatality, Nero and the development of the Blind with Amon Sur's Black Circle syndicate suggested the Qwardian Empire was weakening.

In the early 21st Century, Qward found itself under attack by the Antimatter Earth's Crime Syndicate of Amerika. Though they might have overwhelmed the Qwardians, a greater threat loomed. The anti-matter universe was destroyed and reintegrated by forces native to the positive-matter universe. The Council of Commanders was convened to deal with the threats, but one commander, Irik T. Roval of the Thunderers, was disgusted by the decisions of the ruling Weaponers of Qward. Believing the Weaponers had sold out Qward's past, present and future, Roval assassinated First Weaponlord Varnathon of Q'Uld. He then claimed the Weapons of Rengar and announced himself as the new Highlord of Qward. Roval read from the forbidden scrolls and knew Erdammeru the Void Hound would give Qward the power to destroy its enemies, no matter their power. He led a team of Thunderers and Weaponers through the ancient qwa-portal to Turi in the positive-matter universe. The Devourers guarding the weapon could not stop them and Roval seized the Void Hound.

The worlds unfortunate enough to be in the path of the Void Hound fell before its might. Prisathus found itself under siege by the Void Hound's dronestrikers, tesseract bombs, and gravitic whirlpools. Roval struggled with the Void Hound, commanding it to Earth. More worlds fell. Abar, 162 light years from Earth, was shunted from its orbit. Sevegri, 105 light years from Earth, had its magnetosphere inverted as its sun was rent to shreds. Sorrta and Irrta, 98 light years from Earth, could not be saved by its hero Dyno Man. The Valtuun system, 92 light years from Earth, was able to send a distress call, but even a brigade of the Magellanic Knights could not save their world. Earth would be next, as the Void Hound warped into its solar system. A task force of some of the JLA's most powerful members and allies met the Void Hound just outside the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Superman, Green Lantern John Stewart, Faith, Power Girl, Captain Marvel, and Wonder Woman were aided by tactical information from the Martian Manhunter to combat the Void Hound.[1]

On board the Void Hound, Weaponlord Diataria Lysis recognized that the Void Hound had been limiting Roval's thinking, influencing him to destroy their enemies at any cost. She schemed with Strategos, one of Roval's attendroid advisors to shake the Highlord out of his battle lust. After speaking with the JLA, they learned the restructuring of the Antimatter universe was brought about by Krona, but the renegade Guardian was no longer a threat. Instead, the Void Hound would be directed at the Crime Syndicate of Amerika and their Earth in the Antimatter Universe.[2] The Crime Syndicate could not prevent the massive destruction brought down upon their Earth. Ultimately, they had to ask the Justice League for assistance. Thanks to the positive-matter Earth's Construct, the Flash had discovered the nature of the Void Hound's machine-mind. Green Lantern John Stewart went into the Hound's central core and by using his Earth's Construct, was able to link to the Void Hound's mind and absorb it into his power ring.

Once the Erdammeru-mind was neutralized, the Void Hound's systems could not be maintained. Multiple operations failures cascaded throughout the ship's systems as the combined power of the JLA and the Crime Syndicate of Amerika pressed their attack. Highlord Roval, Lysis and the other surviving Qwardians were forced to retreat. An escape craft separated from the Void Hound to take them back to their homeworld.



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