The origins of the disembodied spirit Erewhon are unknown, but he may potentially hail from Argentina. He was briefly an ally of Justice League International after Duke Donald led him to Doctor Light. As she helped Erewhon in his quest to find out who he is or was, he began to fall in love with her, though the romantic feelings were not returned. He possessed a number of mortal bodies before taking over the inert form of Godfrey for a time. When Godfrey awoke, Doctor Light created a holographic body for Erewhon to inhabit.

Erewhon was last seen at the time when the Overmaster attacked. His body froze with his mind trapped within, effectively rendering him comatose. It has not been revealed whether he recovered or what his current activities may be.


Ghostly Body

  • Possession: As a disembodied spirit, Erewhon can possess mortal bodies, including human-like inanimate objects, and control their movements.
  • Phasing: He can move through solid objects no matter the thickness or consistency.
  • Erewhon was given his name by Doctor Light, who took it from the Samuel Butler novel. It is an anagram of nowhere.



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