Eric Braunner was a Luftwaffe Hauptmann in both the first and the second World War.

World War I

In the first World War, Braunner was a Luftwaffe official, who collected planes of enemy fighters by forcing them to fly in his hangar during air fights.

World War II

During the second World War, Braunner seemingly continued with his job as a Luftwaffe Hauptmann, and now worked together with his son.

One day, his son shot down Joe Parker, the son of the soldier, who was also shot down by Eric Braunner during the first World War. Unlike Lt. Parker, who was brought to a P.O.W. camp by Eric Braunner during the first World War, Joe Parker managed it to flee from the hangar, with Eric's son chasing after him, only to get destroyed, with his father watching by.



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