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Eric Finch was a police investigator for the political party known as Norsefire. Operating from Jordan Tower, he was part of a special investigative detachment known as the Nose. In the mid 1990s, Finch had an affair with a forensic pathologist named Delia Surridge. After Surridge died, his colleague Peter Creedy made an unsavory comment regarding their relationship - a comment that earned Creedy a punch in the jaw. Norsefire's party leader Adam Susan didn't punish Finch for the infraction, but he did force Eric to take an extended holiday.

Eric Finch also came into possession of Delia Surridge's personal journal, which revealed critical information concerning the Larkhill Resettlement Camp and the hormonal experiments that ultimately created the terrorist known as V. Adam Susan placed Finch in charge of bringing V to justice.

Finch investigated Larkhill on his own and had an encounter with V. V subjected Eric to hallucinagenic drugs, and Finch developed a greater understanding of what actually transpired within the camp.



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