Freight Train was just an ordinary man with a meager existence until he was bitten by an alien parasite. Instead of dying like most victims, he was given incredible power, transforming into a newblood. Using this new power allowed him to become much more than ordinary. He quickly found out he could use his gifts to get paid and hurting people wasn't an issue. Somewhere along the way, he came into the employ of Simon Stagg. Stagg pitted Freight Train against the Outsiders. Stagg, however, wasn't very loyal to Freight Train. Soon, he switched sides and joined forces with the Outsiders to beat Stagg and his henchman Java.


  • Kinetic Energy Absorption: Eric's powers revolve around his ability to absorb and store kinetic force within his body to increase his physical dexterity to new heights, offering him a host of superhuman powers. When activating his powers, Freight Train's skin becomes a metallic red color.
  • Freight Train's creator Dan DiDio has given two different names as his secret identity. In his earliest appearances, Simon Stagg called him Cecil.[1] DiDio was later asked to give a full name for Freight Train on Twitter, and he gave the name Eric Moran.[2] This is the name of a well-known cosplayer. DiDio named Freight Train after Eric Moran as a Christmas present.[3]
  • While the first panel Freight Train appeared in made him look to be a black male, all additional panels of his debut issue and all other issues featuring New Earth Freight Train showed the man as appearing Caucasian. Prime Earth Freight Train, however, appears to be a black male.



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