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Eric Morden, better known by the name of Mister Nobody, is a sadistic, sarcastic, fourth-wall-breaking supervillain with almost unlimited power who serves as the Doom Patrol's arch-nemesis and narrator of the first season of HBO Max's Doom Patrol series.

Becoming Nobody

In 1948, Eric Morden was a henchman of the Brotherhood of Evil who was let go after he was decided to be useless and replaced with a French-speaking gorilla. After hearing this news, his girlfriend dumped him, sparking a newfound passion in him to try and be a better villain.[1]

Desperate, he sought out Nazi scientist Heinrich Von Fuchs and gave him his entire life's savings to be transformed into a powerful being. Von Fuchs gave in to this request, but at the same time as the experiment, Niles Caulder, a British scientist wishing to fulfill his own experiments pertaining to immortality, broke into the lab, fired at the chamber Morden was being transformed in as well as at Von Fuchs, and left with a rabbit's foot that granted him long-lasting life.[2]

Despite the damaged chamber, Morden was transformed into a nigh-omniscient being that in appearance was shadowy and fragmented, but now he had a huge amount of anger with nowhere to direct it. Determined to have revenge on someone, Morden renamed himself Mister Nobody and directed his rage at Niles Caulder, the man who very nearly sabotaged his chance at becoming a god. For the next seventy-one years, Nobody searched for Caulder, until at last, in 2019, he located him in Cloverton, Ohio, and put his plan of vengeance into action. And as Caulder performed his experiments, transforming normal people into freaks with horrible "accidents," all in a bid to outlive his powerful daughter, Nobody utilized his omniscience, traveling from place to place, time to time, narrating along the way to the audience in our world, telling them who these people are, but keeping from both us and them that the accidents were manufactured, waiting to force Caulder to reveal it himself when the time was ripe.[3]

The Donkey

Wanting to make the greatest possible entrance, Mister Nobody sent an albino donkey into Cloverton's town square. One of Caulder's experiments, Cliff Steele, had come to try and protect the town from Nobody, along with his friends and fellow lab rats Rita Farr, Jane and Larry Trainor. Fortunately for Nobody, they had no experience and posed no obstacle as the donkey let out a massive fart and a portal opened up in the ground behind it, sucking everyone and everything in the town into the White Space. Mister Nobody appeared before Caulder in the bus he and his friends had driven in and mocked him for how doomed they were. Indeed as the town and its people were sucked in, Cliff, Rita and Larry could only watch helplessly. Once Jane realized the bus was being sucked into the portal, she tried to hold it back, only to be pulled in with it. The portal continued its destruction until nothing of Cloverton remained but a wasteland, Cliff, Rita, Larry and the donkey remained.[3]

Once Jane and Caulder were in the White Space, Nobody began torturing Caulder but sent Jane back to Earth via the donkey vomiting her up. As he continued to torture Caulder, he waited for Caulder's assembled band of misfits to discover that the donkey's throat was a door that could access the White Space. Indeed, Larry and Rita arrived in the White Space along with Detroit superhero Cyborg. Eager to set this new stage of his plan into action, Nobody tossed the trio into their worst nightmares and ordered they stop looking for Caulder or be punished more. In reality, telling them this was Nobody's way of pushing them to do so, all so Caulder would watch his experiments suffer and crumble before his very eyes. Nonetheless, Nobody forced the donkey to explode, forcing the people and buildings of Cloverton back to their rightful places, and Larry, Rita and Vic on their lawn covered in blood.[4]


  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series Doom Patrol and is an adaptation of Mister Nobody. The original character was created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani and first appeared in Doom Patrol #86.
  • Mister Nobody is played by Alan Tudyk. When he disguised himself as a hospital patient, he was portrayed by Edward Asner.
  • Alan Tudyk didn't return in person to portray Mister Nobody for season 2. Morden's absence was hand-waved away as having been cast in an animated TV show, a reference to Tudyk's real-life obligation to his voice work on another DC Universe show Harley Quinn.[6]



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