Originally a vigilante wanted for the murder of numerous criminals, he was captured by soldiers working under Amanda Waller and forced to join the Suicide Squad. The group attack Arkham Asylum under Waller's orders to steal back files on the Suicide Squad originally stolen by The Riddler and housed within the asylum's vaults. He is forced to participate, as are the rest of the squad, with the use of a small bomb implanted in his neck.

He fights with Batman during the Squad's assault, and is defeated. Batman steals his costume and joins the rest of the squad pretending to be Needham. The crippled Needham crawls out of the vault wearing the Batsuit later on, and is confronted by The Joker, who is about to shoot him in the head (mistaking him for the Dark Knight) when Amanda Waller activates all of the group's neck-bombs, though only Needham (and Killer Shark) are killed, as Riddler had diffused all of the others.




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