Eric Strauss was the son of an abusive New York entrepreneur. After his mother died, his father married a woman many years younger than he named Linda. Eventually, Eric's father passed away and Linda became his legal guardian.

When Eric was ten-years-old, an aging Kent Nelson, the host body for the Lord of Order Nabu found him and convinced him to accompany him back to the Tower of Fate in Salem, Massachusetts. There, Nabu convinced Eric that he was destined to become the new host body for his power, and as such, the next mortal to assume the mantle of Doctor Fate. Nabu used his power to age Eric into adulthood. Donning Nabu's helmet, cloak and amulet, Eric Strauss became the new Doctor Fate. Nabu exercised greater control over Eric than he did with Kent Nelson, but his mystical training was brutal and often surprising. Immediately after donning the helmet, Eric found himself in battle against a powerful Lord of Chaos named Typhon.[1] Eric failed and eventually, he discovered that in order to overcome Typhon and use the full powers of Doctor Fate, he was meant to merge with his stepmother Linda Strauss and together, they became the new Doctor Fate.[2]

Unfortunately, Eric was killed soon afterward, leaving Linda to continue alone. Eric did not pass on, however: his soul was eventually placed in the body of a recently deceased man named Eugene DiBellia. Linda, who had also died, was placed in the body of Eugene's wife Wendy, and the two became the guardians of the DiBellia's daughter, a young girl named Raina who had an important destiny ahead of her.


  • Bio-Fusion: Eric Strauss could physically merge with Linda Strauss to form the gestalt being known as Doctor Fate.
  • Sorcery: Eric Strauss had access to the power of Nabu. This was demonstrated chiefly through his use of Nabu's mystical artifacts, specifically, the Helmet of Fate.


Amulet of Anubis; Cloak of Destiny; Helmet of Fate



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